Sunday, March 16, 2008

Invisible Power

Let me explain. Do I have a legitimate purpose for existing? Oh, yes. You see, my job is to correct people's vision. What I mean is, I'm here to help them see better, sharper, farther, closer--achieve near-perfect acuity. If there's a problem with human eyes that I can fix, I do it. I am the original eye candy, not because I am necessarily good-looking in of myself (most of the time I am ugly and I obscure human faces, covering their beauty--but there are exceptions), but because their eyes cannot see straight without me sitting on their noses.

So what is wrong with that? Nothing! I am doing people a service for which I am proud. After all, without me, they would walk into trees and crash their cars into light poles without fail. Without me, they could not read or write or use the computer properly. Sometimes I hang around their necks like a noose--er, necklace. I go everywhere visually-impaired humans go. I am lightweight and easy to carry. After awhile, you forget about my existence.

It's a little known secret, but I spoil human eyes so much that they don't want to see the true state of their vision anymore--their cloudy, hazy vision. Children notice that after they first put me on, their natural vision gets progressively worse and they often need stronger versions of me every year. When they finally reach adulthood, the damage is irreversible--I have trained their eyes to become utterly dependent upon me. They cannot live without me unless they decide to use an alternative, such as my cousin the contact lens, or even my enemy, lasik surgery. But I am not worried. Demand for me will last as long as there are warped human eyes. The question is, how do humans put up with distorted vision for so long?

Most humans need me, especially after they turn 40. Over 90% of the population in Taiwan uses me. I am a silent addiction. Most of my wearers don't think twice about putting me on when they wake up in the morning. Only a few have ever escaped my clutches without surgery. I am like a cane to those with crippled vision. A few may hate me, and some may like me, but the vast majority of humans are indifferent to me. They meekly accept my presence and let me be master of what they see. Now that is power, wouldn't you agree?