Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More About Me

When I was seven, one summer afternoon my mother took me shopping for a swimsuit. We went through several stores, walking through the dusty streets of Taipei, until she finally found the perfect one--in her opinion, that is. It was a navy polka-dotted one-piece, which I thought rather plain. But my mom would not take no for an answer. She kept telling me and the store owner how it would look great on me, etc., and it was no use convincing her otherwise. After awhile, I began to feel sorry for that swimsuit. I thought it was a silly feeling, but nevertheless my mom got her way and we bought the thing. Ever since then, I have wondered if other people have had emotional feelings for things? I believe the answer is yes. Houses, cars, hot tubs, toys, even shoes!

My first attempt at writing anything substantial was for a fiction writing contest in middle school. I thought the chance to earn some prize money was good incentive for me to sit down at my dad's typewriter (yes, we used those back then) and start writing a short story. But what was I to write about? As I pondered various ideas I stumbled across one of my old Chinese text books. In the book was a story for children about how water travels through the land. This gave me the idea for a story about a raindrop's travels from the sky to the earth, where "he"--I mean it--wandered with its companions until it reached the sea. It was an imaginative piece--I was delighted to win second place in the contest, and a handful of cash, too. The other story winners were all about nuclear war, which I didn't think was a suitable subject for middle-schoolers to write about. I preferred something more imaginative. Nevertheless, from then on, I knew that I was a writer, and I have not stopped writing ever since.

This blog is a place to write down those crazy ideas that sometimes pop into my head. Ideas that most working adults don't think about.